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Our reviews are nonprofit. We don't get money from advertising; we don't allow blackmailing and deletion of reviews.

We apply advanced methods to rate reviews.

The site is worldwide

Our site is simple, easy to navigate and accessible via mobile devices.

Our site encourages you to share your experiences with any company or professional. The goal is to help prospective customers choose better companies and to improve quality of service.


Reviews, evaluations of all organizations and specialists

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You may leave a review about everyone. This could be a private, public or government company you found. It could be an individual providing some tipe of services to the public. This could be a government department or an administration department.
You may leave a review about your client. If you rent a property, for example, your opinion about your renters will be very useful to other lenders. You may identify your customer just by phone number.
You may also leave a review about your employer and evaluate the working conditions at your company and the treatment of employees.
There are some common sense restrictions. You may not speak about someone's private life. If you write a review about a person, you may evaluate and review only professional qualities of this person. You must not use bad language, you must not violate your local and international laws. Besides these restrictions, you may fully use your free speech right.
To leave a review you must first select an organization or individual for whom you are planning to leave a review. Our database already contains a huge number of companies and professionals. If you could not find it in our database, you may add it to our database.
You can search for a company or an individual by different parameters. The easiest way is to use the search box on the top of the page, which performs full-text search. If your search returns too many results, you need to do the advanced search form to restrict location, category, name, phone number, web address.
After you selected an organization or a person, you just need to press the button "Add review".
The registration is not mandatory on our site, you may leave reviews and comments anonymously. Unregistered users must enter a security code that protects our site from automatic publications. If you cannot recognize the security code, you may have to try again.
If something does not work as expected, please write us using "Contact Us" link in the bottom of every page and describe your problem. We promise to fix it within 24 hours.
Unfortunately, it is not always safe to tell the truth. Some cases are well-known, when some doctor requested his clients to delete a review which was not in favor of this doctor, and threatened by a lawsuit. The job of a journalist always have some risk, you need to remember that. Some countries protect free speech, some do not.
Our site allows anonymous publications only to protect the authors. If your want to protect your identity you should not mention details that would help identifying you. You should also use a secure connection to our site (https).
If someone request you to delete your review, you may print it and show this page with our rule, that we never delete reviews. The review author may add additional text to the review. The reviewed person or organization representative may reply to a review and express their point of view. The original review, however, will always remain.
Unless you have safety concerns, we encourage you to avoid anonymous postings and register. Anonymous reviews are usually not trusted and sometimes are not considered at all. Anonymous users do not have history of reviews, so no information about the trustfulness of the reviews is available. The registration still allow you to protect your identity. We do not require your email address (although it is important for us be able to contact you to restore your password or to resolve a possible conflicts).
We do note require users to register for leave a review or comment. However, anonymous reviews are usually not trusted and sometimes are not considered at all. The registration allows to collect the history of reviews and comments. Other users with your permission may check the list of your reviews and comments and decide if they can trust your opinion. It is a very simple model of the real world where every person has some reputation and weight of an opinion.
Your email address is not mandatory for registration. It is needed for password recovery and for communication with the site administrations. We do not sell our customers, we do not send spam and newsletters. The fight with spammers is actually one of the goals from this site.
A good review usually answers these questions:
  • What kind of service did you use?, how long ago? and, how many times?
  • What was the result? What went fine and what can be improved?
  • Can you recommend this company or specialist to your friends?
There are many sites that allows you to leave or check reviews. Why you need this one? There are multiple reasons.
  • You may spend a lot of efforts to write a review just to find out that your review has disappeared from the site after a while. Moderators may decide that your review is not "in style", or the reviewed organization did not like the critiques, there are reasons sometimes not even known. This happens even with the most popular sites, because their popularity is the primary concern. We may ensure you, that we will never delete your reviews from our site, not because it was a long time ago, not because someone did not like it. The published reviews will always be available on the Internet. Moreover, every review receives its own web page and gets indexed by major search engines for free and becomes available to all Internet users. You cannot achieve such publicity with traditional news media.
  • Many review sites are not objective and make money on paid promotion. Our evaluation is objective. All organizations and individuals are equal for us, and we do not give preference to anyone.
  • There are good sites dedicated to a specific area or category. Despite the large number of reviews, they cannot be trusted for one simple reason -- it is impossible to weight the opinion of another person having only reviews about one narrow area. As a result a review from someone pretending to be an expert, may deceive you into making a wrong decision.
  • You may have already noticed that we do not have advertisement on our site. We do not overload our users with unnecessary information and do not give preference to any company.
  • The business owners may be sure that we do not promote blackmailing. The author of a review cannot delete a review. A business representative or a reviewed person can always reply to a review and express his/her point of view.
  • Our site is not limited to any specific country, city, language. You may be surprised on how a hotel evaluation or a doctor evaluation can be completely different from the point of view of americans and europeans customers, for example. Having different sides, allows you to make more objective opinions.
  • We are aware that the Interned has not always high-speed and is not everywhere unlimited. We care about the traffic volume and speed and do not transmit unnecessary and fancy information.
  • Our site works on modern mobile devices and fits on your handheld device screen. You may check and write a review from your mobile phone. Just open our site in your mobile browser and you will get the same functionality. If you are a lucky owner of some rare models that do not display our site properly, let us know and we promise to adjust our site for your device.